Community & Healing Circle

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Finally, a place to HEal without Judgement

… a place to tell your broken story … to be lifted up … to be accepted where you’re are on your healing journey … to befriend other sisters who are suffering along side you … to know you are not alone … to cry when you need to cry … to get angry… to feel supported when you’re completely overwhelmed … to get prayer.

we’re here sis. we’re struggling … we’re fighting … we’re raging with anger at times … we’re riding the roller coaster of chronic sickness, debilitating anxiety, the despair of depression with you as we find our own footing in our own unique brokenness.

SOmeone Sent You This


Because they care about you. 🤍

If you are suffering and you need a place of refuge and support, apply below. We vet our applicants so we create a safe and supportive environment for you.

We are not a Facebook community. We are independent of any social media sites.